Will the Paleo Diet Help With Diabetes?


The paleo diet is one of the best ways of combating diabetes and keeping it under control. There is absolutely no doubt about this. Thousands of people who were suffering from diabetes reported benefits after adopting the paleo diet.

The paleo diet focuses mostly on eating meat, healthy fats and whole vegetables that are beneficial to the body. Sugars, simple carbohydrates, refined foods, potatoes, etc. are not allowed in the paleo diet. By following the paleo diet assiduously, one will keep their blood sugar level stable and there will hardly be any insulin spikes.

This is one of the major benefits of the paleo diet and it is exactly why the diet is so suitable for diabetes sufferers.

The key to keeping diabetes and its ill effects under control is by keeping your blood sugar stable. That is the cornerstone to staying healthy despite having diabetes. The normal way to keep diabetes under control will be to use medication, which is what most doctors will prescribe.

However, many patients have still reported having diabetic ulcers, unexplained fluctuations in blood glucose levels and other issues. The reason for this is that the foods they are consuming are not suitable for diabetic patients. The paleo diet eliminates most of these ‘problem’ foods.

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