The Real Truth about the Paleo Diet


The results prove that the paleo diet works. Thousands of testimonials show that people have lost weight using this method. They report feeling much better ever since they stopped eating grains and process foods such as white bread or products which are marketed as ‘healthy’ by billion dollar food manufacturers. Going natural has made a world of difference to the paleo dieters.

Now, of course there are people who say that the paleo diet is not healthy because you will not get all the nutrients your body needs. This is not true. The only time that your body lacks nutrients is if you do not consume a varied diet. By eating a variety of foods, your body will have all the nutrients it needs.

Another point that detractors may throw up is that consuming too much meat and eggs will raise your cholesterol level. However, studies have shown that dietary cholesterol has minimal impact on your blood cholesterol level. The real culprit is modern day foods that inflame the body and cause cholesterol to be formed to heal the inflamed cells.

On another tangent, there are folks who say that the paleo diet is uncivilized. This is purely an image issue. The fact that the diet is modeled after a caveman’s diet and is actually called that, conjures up images of feral men tearing into raw meat in some caves. This is just a psychological issue. Most paleo dieters just eat more meat and they cook it well, spice it up and in many cases, their food tastes just as good as or even better than a greasy steak you may find at a local diner.

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