The Paleo Diet or Low Carb Diet? Which is better?


A low carb diet also leaves people feeling lethargic and irritable. The human body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates. If you consume too little, your metabolic rate will drop. Unlike the paleo diet which encourages the consumption of nutrient dense foods, which may make up for the lack of carbs, the low carb diet does not do that.

All too often, the dieters on the low carb diet consume too few calories and this impedes their fat loss progress. The only positive thing about the low carb diet is that it has much more leeway in its food choices. It’s not as harsh as the paleo diet. No foods are forbidden in a low carb diet.

There may even be cheat days which allow you to gorge yourself and leave you lying somnolent on a couch unable to move. The paleo diet has no cheat days.
To summarize, if you have the discipline and determination, go for the paleo diet and you will have a diet that will last you a lifetime. Your health will improve vastly and you’ll feel great.

If you just can’t muster the determination to avoid your favorite foods, then go for the low carb diet. But, do remember that this is a short term solution. You will always be in a battle to fight the bulge. The cause of weight gain is poor food choices. So, no poor food is better than low quantities of poor food. In the end, it’s your choice.

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