The Paleo Diet or Low Carb Diet? Which is better?


This is extremely difficult for many people because they will have to give up many of their favorite foods. It’s a huge sacrifice for them. This makes the paleo diet much more difficult to adopt than the low carb diet. However, if you conquer your cravings and adopt the paleo diet, you will lose weight, look better and be healthier.

You will have fewer allergies, fewer potential health issues and a better relationship with food. The cravings will disappear in about 2 to 3 months. Your weight loss will be permanent and you will have a much lower chance of gaining weight since your blood sugar levels will be stable and there will not be any insulin spikes from high GI foods.

The low carb diet on the other hand, advocates a diet that is extremely low in carbs or even in some cases, no carbs are allowed. Unlike the paleo diet which recommends a certain amount of carbs from vegetables and fruit.

A low carb diet may mean that you can consume carbs but in small quantities. Many dieters make the mistake of consuming carbs such as whole wheat bread or ‘healthy’ cereals. Even small amounts of these carbs will cause insulin spikes.

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