Is the Paleo Lifestyle Sustainable?


You’ll have to decide if you want good health and a lean, fit body. The good thing about the paleo diet is that after you have been on it for 3 months, your cravings for sweet foods will diminish greatly. A lot of your past cravings will not be there anymore. You will not feel the need to raid the refrigerator at night and binge eat.

When the body has all the nutrients it needs, it doesn’t have sudden cravings. So, in the long run, it will not seem like a sacrifice at all.
The paleo diet is not more expensive than a normal diet. You are just substituting foods. In fact, since the paleo diet often recommends that you buy your meats and fresh foods in bulk, often there will be cost savings. You are also encouraged to cook for yourself.

That means overall, you will be saving money. Any savvy paleo dieter will be able to adroitly get better bargains from his local meat suppliers. The only investment you will have to make is on a freezer to store your meats. This, however, is a one-time investment that will last for years.

So, to summarize, the paleo diet is actually cheaper than the standard American diet. Not to mention, you will save on medical costs since you will be less susceptible to the normal health issues that affect most people on a poor diet.

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