Issue #34

Editor’s Note

In the States next week is Thanksgiving. A shortened work week, travel and an oft-gluttonous tryptophan ingesting Holiday. For the recipes this week I’m including a special section for Thanksgiving, I hope you find something delicious and healthy. Happy Thanksgiving.


Dear Mark: Managing a Cheat Day and “Raw” Almonds

How to minimize the impact of your cheat day.

Dear Mark: Bacon Fat Stability, Noise Machines, and Pig Feed

How well does bacon fat keep, should you worry about what pigs are eating and will white noise generators help you sleep are all covered.

Dear Mark: Vegetable Juicing, G_BOMBS, Blood Sugar, and Hot Workouts

Fairly in depth look at Vegetable Juicing if you’re interested and new to the topic.


Bulgogi Burger

For when you have to have Korean BBQ

Bake Hard “Boiled” Eggs Using Muffin Tins

Not what I thought, but interesting. Even more interesting: Make Better Hard-Boiled Eggs By Baking Them in The Oven, Not Boiling Them

Thanksgiving Recipes

A Paleo Thanksgiving

The folks at Paleo Diet Lifestyle has the entire meal planned out.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner…Part One: Appetizers


Thanksgiving ideas Part Two: Side Dishes

Side dishes

The Paleo Table {Thanksgiving Edition}

From Robb Wolf


From Whole 9, the folks behind the Whole 30 program. Here’s their updated Thanksgiving.

Sides and Starters: 15 Thanksgiving Salads

A bunch of salad ideas, not strictly paleo so you’ll have to watch for sugar in dressings.

Paleo Thanksgiving Turkey and Stuffing

From the folks at Primal Palate

A Full Thanksgiving Menu

From Erica at “Stuff I Make My Husband”.

Easy Recipe: Thanksgiving Stuffing Meatballs

From Practical Paleo

A Paleo Thanksgiving

From NorthWest Cave Girls.

If that’s not enough, here’s a search on Mark’s Daily Apple with a ton of Thanksgiving ideas.


Podcast Episode #61: Tattoos, “chicken skin,” raw foods & blood sugar


  1. Brewers Yeast? [13:52]
  2. Coconut oil for Tattoos? [22:13]
  3. Gaining weight to help fatigue? [26:05]
  4. Keratosis Pilaris, what foods to add, what food to aviod? [34:35]
  5. Paleo vs. Raw Foods [44:00]
  6. Small meals vs large meals and controlling blood sugar [48:23]


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